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Pen Grenades is the work of two cartoonists, Justin Green and Brian Hagen, and one blogger, Dan Schubarth.
Who is Justin Green, you ask?

  • Robert Crumb:
    • “[Green] was the FIRST, absolutely the FIRST EVER cartoonist to draw highly personal autobiographical comics.”
  • Publisher’s Weekly on Justin Green’s Binky Brown Meets the Holy Virgin Mary:
    • “[The] Rosetta Stone of autobiographical comics”
  • Jim Woodring:
    • “Anyone who knows anything knows that Justin Green is one of the greatest cartoonists our species has produced. R. Crumb, Bill Griffith, Art Spiegelman and innumerable other acknowledged masters hail him. His seminal autobiographical work Binky Brown Meets The Holy Virgin Mary is regarded by many, including yours truly, as the greatest single ‘comic book’ ever created.”

Email: jgreen@pengrenades.com

Website: justingreencartoonart.blogspot.com

Brian Hagen is the cartoonist behind Pen Grenades’ mascot rat, “Shermin the Vermin.” He (Brian, not the rat) also created “A.D.D.Man”, the world’s most distractible superhero. His illustrations appear in books, magazines, and on movie posters. You can pick up his work in the excellent comic anthology “Twelve-Way with Cheese.”

Want more details? QRD Webzine published an interview. Also available online is his participation in a discussion panel with small-press expert Bruce Chrislip from the 2013 SPACE convention, “Art versus Commerce.”

Email: bhagen@pengrenades.com.
Illustration Portfolio: brian-hagen.com

Dan Schubarth is an artist, musician, photographer, and smarty-pants comedy blogger. His art has been collected by many people including Brian Hagen, and he has played a mean guitar on two albums with the rock band TESTAVERDE. Check out his website for more info and hunky photos.
Email: dschubarth (at) yahoo (dot) com
Website: danielschubarth.com and danielschubarth.pixels.com


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