Psychic Witnesses

I found this invitation on my porch several months back.  It appears to be a gift from the local Jehova’s Witnesses, who were no doubt disappointed that I wasn’t home when they came a-calling.   What I find amazing about the Jehova’s Witnesses is something that I’ve never seen anyone discuss about them anywhere:  they are psychic!  Not only that, but they are so confident in their abilities that they put on events for the community to prove it, such as the one in this invitation.  Check it out, first they ask me “HOW DO YOU VIEW JESUS?”  Then, before I can even answer, they tell me:  show up at our party on Thursday April 5, 2012, and we will tell you how you yourself, view Jesus!  Amazing!

It sounded fun and all but I had to watch some reruns of Kojak and wasn’t able to make it.

Jehova's Witnesses tract - How do you view Jesus?

(originally posted on 11/07/2012)

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