Pass the Potatoes

I was about to throw out this packaging for a multi-roll gaggle of Winn-Dixie store-brand “bath tissue,” when I decided to read what their marketing department wrote on the back.  I found it funny that a package of toilet paper would have the following phrases on it:

“Meatloaf.  Chicken and rice.  Spaghetti.  Must be leftover night!”

“…repurposing and reliving the best of dinner…”

“So pass the potatoes.  And the steak. And the ham. And the…”

Sorry that I didn’t get a photo before the package was opened, but let’s just say that this particular brand of toilet paper shouldn’t be found in the house of a man who wants women around and I won’t be buying any more of it (not the softest.)

winn-dixie brand bath tissue wrapper

(originally posted on 10/31/2012)

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