One of My More Prized Possessions

I found this gem in a thrift store in downtown Ventura, CA and couldn’t believe my luck.  A genuine kitschy cult product with lyrics by the modern evil genius himself!   The front cover is the same picture as the one on the CD, with the hot air balloons.  The music is what one might expect:  synth-heavy with feel-good piano and melodramatic vocals.  Hard to listen to.

L. Ron Hubbard CD titled "state of mind"

STATE  OF MIND   The Golden Era Musicians play L. RON HUBBARD

The first page reads:  “It is impossible to represent L. Ron Hubbard by any one aspect of his life.  Best known as the founder of Dianetics and Scientology the story of L. Ron Hubbard is incomplete without mention of all that he represents as an artist.  Filmmaker, photographer, music maker, author and the subject of this album — poet and lyricist.”

Track listing:  1. Men of Reason  2. Easy Livin’  3. What I Want is Happiness  4. The Garden  5. The Castaway Song  6. Drum, Drummer  7. State of Mind  8. I’m Happy  9. A Clever Man  10. Above it All  11. The Right Way to Be (Is to Be)

(originally posted on 9/5/2011)

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