Maw ya better get over here, I can’t figger out how to work this danged fan

I bought a little 4″ electric fan awhile back at Target.  Not only is it adorable as far as fans go,  it is quite simple to use.  Let me tell you how to use this little 4″ electric fan:  On the back near the top, in a conspicuous place, is a switch.  If you press the switch the fan will turn on.  If you press the switch again, the fan turns off.  Easy, right?  So I was surprised to see that along with the little 4″ electric fan came a four page instruction manual.  Now I realize that not everyone is going to be the brightest candle in the candelabra, but really– four pages of instructions for a little 4″ electric fan?  In the picture below I put the fan next to my DVD copy of The STUPIDS, in order to show the scale of the fan that requires four pages of instructions.

a small fan next to a dvd copy of "the Stupids"

Here are two of the four pages of required reading in order to safely and competently operate the little 4″ electric fan featured above:

manual for a small fan

(originally posted on 02/02/12)

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