Funky Geriatrics

I came across this in the AARP (American Association of Retired Persons) magazine that my Mom had used as packing material for a birthday present she sent me.  The image it puts in my mind cracks me up every time.  Bootsy says “I just can’t keep all this funk to myself — the funk is here to be shared.”

I would love for there to be a whole army of elderly Funk University graduates tearin’ it up on their new bass guitars!  I would pay money for airfare to be at that recital.  I can see it now —  first they start with “Get Up Offa That Thing,”  then progress to “Hot Pants,” maybe a bit of “Say it Loud — I’m Black and I’m Proud,” then something appropriate like “Get On the Good Foot,” and cap it off with a killer version of “Get Up (I feel like being a) Sex Machine.”  Yeah!

magazine clipping for Bootsy Collins' funk university

(originally posted on 03/20/2013)

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