Cook Up Some History

This is taken from a newspaper ad for the Winn-Dixie supermarket, where we are all invited to “cook up some history tonight.”   A few things:

How were the flavors of Black History month determined?  Was there a vote?  A poll?  Were they debated by a Senate sub-committee?

We are asked to cook up some history tonight, but out of the six items advertised (four beverages, one condiment, one foodstuff,) only the foodstuff is intended to be cooked and it’s a product usually eaten in the morning, not at night.  That is assuming that by “history” they mean “waffles.”

Finally, if they actually mean cook up some history and not some frozen waffles, I have to point out that history is an abstract idea and it cannot be cooked.  Also, even if it could be cooked, history is a chronicle of the past, yet tonight happens to be in the future.  I see a conflict of interest here.

winn-Dixie supermarket ad - cook up some history

(originally posted on 12/12/2012)

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