Aaargh what do I do?

no parking sign at university of new orleans

This is a photo I took several years ago at the entrance to the University of New Orleans.  I suppose if you’re driving on that road and someone is crossing the street in front of you your best bet is to quickly put the car in reverse and then in drive, then…

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Giant Useless Shoe For Sale

flyer for a giant shoe that is for sale

I found this flyer on a telephone pole near my work and instantly shuddered:  It claims this shoe is life-sized.  If that is true, it means that somewhere in New Orleans there is an 80-foot tall woman wandering around with only one high heel on (and I’m guessing she’s wearing…

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Funky Geriatrics

magazine clipping for Bootsy Collins' funk university

I came across this in the AARP (American Association of Retired Persons) magazine that my Mom had used as packing material for a birthday present she sent me.  The image it puts in my mind cracks me up every time.  Bootsy says “I just can’t keep all this funk to…

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The Police Have Their Hands Full

newspaper clipping listing crime of Eureka Springs AR

In keeping with the theme of the last post, I would today like to share with you a clipping from “The Lovely County Citizen,” a newspaper that I picked up a few years ago on a visit to Eureka Springs, AR.  This clipping illustrates that nowhere in America is safe…

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Crime of Camarillo

newspaper clipping listing local crime in Camarillo CA

As I mentioned before, I used to live in Camarillo, CA, and as you can see in this clipping from the Camarillo Acorn the crime there was out of control.  But somehow I survived and eventually made it back to the relatively crime-free city of New Orleans. (originally posted on…

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