Time to Show Off Another Prized Possession

This is exactly what it looks like:  a braille version of Playboy for the blind.  You always thought people were kidding when they said they buy the magazine for the articles — well that’s all you get in this copy.  As my Dad says, it’s a Playboy you can take to church!

A few years ago I was visiting Brian in Cincinnati and noticed that he had one of these.  I thought it was great and asked him where he got it.  He said the Cincinnati public library has a used bookstore attached to it with all sorts of great stuff and that’s where he had found it some time ago.  As a fan of used bookstores, I asked him to take me there.  We went the next day and lo and behold, there was another copy just waiting for me to give it a home so of course I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to purchase it.

Every single page of the thing is white like the second picture shows.  The only printing is what you see on the cover.

braille Playboy magazine cover

braille Playboy magazine inside

(originally posted on 03/20/2013)

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