Cartoon by Brian Hagen.


Halloween Costume:  “Annie Rexia”


Pictured above is “Annie Rexia,” the eating disorder Halloween costume. To my surprise, it’s quite controversial. One store pulled it from the shelves because of negative publicity, bloggers are screaming for and against it.

People are offended, especially if they have been personally affected by anorexia. I understand, but I am not offended.

I’m not offended – because I spent 10 years in New Orleans, the city that political correctness forgot. When I heard the name of this costume, I couldn’t wait to see it. And I was disappointed.

Why? Because it’s merely sexy.

If the designers had combined sexy with horrifying, that would have been incredible. Perhaps a flesh-colored, full-body leotard, with a fake bikini printed on it, and the ghoulish shadows of the rib cage airbrushed on.

I’m offended by this costume because it’s not offensive enough to make people think.

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