Redemption: a seven-page semi-autobio comic

To read “Redemption,” scroll down. To hear about the making of it, keep reading this blogpost.

I’ve never done a comic like “Redemption” before. It was really hard work, and those seven pages are the result of 9 months. Nine months in which I’ve been fighting my way out of my writer’s block, one panel at a time. I obsessed about everything. Hundreds of drawings on index cards. Hundreds of rewritten dialogue lines on Post-It notes.

And now it’s done.

“Redemption” is dedicated to my wife, Natalia. For her, I finished this the day before her summer vacation ended.

I will be printing “Redemption” in an upcoming anthology of my own work, which will be released in 2017.


As to readability, if your computer won’t let you read the comic at a reasonable size, simply download the PDF by clicking on the following link: Redemption

Redemption page 1

Redemption page 2

Redemption page 3

Redemption page 4

Redemption page 5

Redemption page 6

Redemption page 7

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