New Marketing Trends

teenage girls wearing pink Cure shirts

This is a scene from a recent Cure concert, where Robert Smith (not in the photo) plays beach sports with teenage girls between songs as a new marketing gimmick.  Seems to be working based on the number of pink Cure shirts I see here. (originally posted on 12/05/2012)

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Yes, We Suffer

Jehova's Witnesses tract- end of suffering

A few weeks ago I couldn’t sleep so I stayed up most of the night dutifully working on pengrenades material, drinking beer, and watching reruns of Kojak.  I went to bed at around 5am, but it was ok because I had the next day off work and I hate mornings…

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Psychic Witnesses

Jehova's Witnesses tract - How do you view Jesus?

I found this invitation on my porch several months back.  It appears to be a gift from the local Jehova’s Witnesses, who were no doubt disappointed that I wasn’t home when they came a-calling.   What I find amazing about the Jehova’s Witnesses is something that I’ve never seen anyone…

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Pass the Potatoes

winn-dixie brand bath tissue wrapper

I was about to throw out this packaging for a multi-roll gaggle of Winn-Dixie store-brand “bath tissue,” when I decided to read what their marketing department wrote on the back.  I found it funny that a package of toilet paper would have the following phrases on it: “Meatloaf.  Chicken and…

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