Giant Useless Shoe For Sale

I found this flyer on a telephone pole near my work and instantly shuddered:  It claims this shoe is life-sized.  If that is true, it means that somewhere in New Orleans there is an 80-foot tall woman wandering around with only one high heel on (and I’m guessing she’s wearing jeans and not a dress.)   That is an awkward spot for her to be in, but I suppose it’s her problem.  Your concern is what to do with the shoe once you have purchased it at its 1/3 off sale price of $400 (or less if you’re a savvy negotiator.)  As suggested in the photos, you could stand in it outside in your driveway, or you could stand in it indoors in your rec room.  You could deconstruct/analyze its craftsmanship in your garage, or you could stand in it while your bored, yet envious, friends hover nearby just waiting, and indeed hoping with all their might, that they may too be allowed to stand in it for a while.

I was going to purchase it myself, since I have, well, for many years now wanted a giant life-sized shoe of my own to stand around in, and 1/3 off the price sounds like too good of a bargain to pass up.  But to be honest, I don’t know the history of this shoe and am not too keen on having an angry, psycho, 80-foot tall woman show up at my driveway, interrupting a perfectly good shoe-standing session, demanding that I return her stolen property or something like that.  On the other hand, if she’s cute…

flyer for a giant shoe that is for sale

(originally posted on 05/15/2013)

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