Yes, We Suffer

Jehova's Witnesses tract- end of suffering

A few weeks ago I couldn’t sleep so I stayed up most of the night dutifully working on pengrenades material, drinking beer, and watching reruns of Kojak.  I went to bed at around 5am, but it was ok because I had the next day off work and I hate mornings…

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Psychic Witnesses

Jehova's Witnesses tract - How do you view Jesus?

I found this invitation on my porch several months back.  It appears to be a gift from the local Jehova’s Witnesses, who were no doubt disappointed that I wasn’t home when they came a-calling.   What I find amazing about the Jehova’s Witnesses is something that I’ve never seen anyone…

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Pass the Potatoes

winn-dixie brand bath tissue wrapper

I was about to throw out this packaging for a multi-roll gaggle of Winn-Dixie store-brand “bath tissue,” when I decided to read what their marketing department wrote on the back.  I found it funny that a package of toilet paper would have the following phrases on it: “Meatloaf.  Chicken and…

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Raising the Dead

snug harbor nightclub ad

Because the world of jazz contains so many talented musicians and so few people who care to listen to them, the nightclubs that cater to this esteemed art form must get creative in finding ways to attract customers and pay the bills.  With this in mind, Snug Harbor, New Orleans’…

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